Pink Floyd’s Signs of Life – Another Way

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While thinking about a creative response to a much-loved track in a form which is not a music review, not a remix, not a cover version and definitely not karaoke, I found myself putting words to the gentle atmospheric spirit of this song. Here goes…


Buoys Down

(Inspired by “Signs of Life” from the album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” by Pink Floyd). 

For now let’s start silence.

Wrap silence around. Make no sounds, act no life.

Make those moments pass.

Make him lay there dead like, make no sound.

So leave those runway lights on.

Leave the rest to the crosswinds.

Heave to. Fuselage soaring, hands caught in lightning.

And leave those runway lights on.

As Jay comes to, sense a man rowing in.

So fix it, make him escape.

Run from channels of salt, flee from creek of shadows.

Swiftly make Jay make good escape.

Distant shouts. Muffled dry but tethered outcry.

One shout, two scuffle. Now open your eyes.

See ghouls, see ghouls. Gas lanterns wheeling wildly.

Hands in runway lightning.

Pass from his lips, the gritty salt.

Spray to his skin, the stinging rain.

Seaman Ray. Airman Jay.

How far out to sea did we let these boys be?

Prepare for the last dim shout from the shore.

End the mainland chase.

For now let’s have all the buoys, all the buoys.

Lost in the singing sea, the boys bobbing up.


Buoys down, then up again…

Then down. Then down.

August 01, 2012.


(Track 01 from Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse of Reason).

And here is the “master” as beautiful as ever:

DJ Prashanth Pa…

DJ Prashanth Pallemoni’s performance at the “VH1 presents 0101 Electronic at CounterCulture presents Fling – Electro Swing, Trip Hop, Drum and Bass and more…” event on June 24th, was to me one of the most incredibly exciting, liberating, courageous, and genre-defining music shows I have ever seen.

Prashanth delighted me most with the possibilities of creating music in the here and now, “like dripping wet paint in a sonic museum” to quote from another context.

Here is my stream of consciousness experience and interpretation of DJ Prashant’s seminal performance:

————-Start, Let’s Start——————

Then… let’s start with the Down Town tempo, let’s get lush folks… shoot some ambience into the air, treat solitary to some seating, so permit me ladies, to be anachronistic, to screen this set for some 50s-60s pride… evolve beat lounge, tripping insects into a hush… and swing rap out to introduce the revolving turntable… the Master.

The lone hip hop star, the man in a hat, the scratched beat on control… from turntablism to the New Needlism, from smoky New Orleans to the bylanes of Byculla.

Sri Sri wafts in… cutting Down a System to… you guessed it? Soul, man, Soul…

Shimmer in track on track, pause-pick-spin, chill-in, chill-out… barefoot Brass, and oh, yes of course, Jazz!, never forgotten, but fetched, Sound on Noise, the Storm, the blizzard from without. Served Soundscape, glittering House, Deep. Spoken, Words throng out – the tin tinkling, touching syllablism…

Genre-bending Atmospherics, offbeat Big Band, Dream in some Pop, so here we go…. so Flute, Arching Temple Tubular Bells, Defiant Glitch, Submarine Trance, Arctic Found Audio,
File Flaring Nadaswaram, some of the Unknowns, Invert Solipsism, the End of Time & the Return to Synth, to seal my fate… with the Growing Glowing Tribal Big Beat…

——– End, The Slow Peaceful End ——-

For more, a wonderful do by TimeOut on DJ Prashant:

The DJ Prashant public page on FB:

And about the VH1 events at CounterCulture, Bangalore:

Jonas Reinhardt – Atomic Bomb Living

Just got hit by an incredible driving drum solo?

Try reliving those 5 atomic bomb seconds into the Jonas Reinhardt track – Atomic Bomb Living. The point of inflection in the masterful Powers of Audition album, this track is going to blast out everything you ever thought was electro, rock, electro-rock.

Explosive layer on layer of trippy synths, a driving disco bassline and the final climatic surprise of a miraculous lead guitar – deep-defining a novel electronic catharsis.

Jonas Reinhardt have just come out with a new EP ‘Foam Fangs’.

More information can be found at the Jonas Reinhardt site, Discogs, and Wikipedia here:

Hello World!!

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog – Spirit Soaking Music.

I’m going to be making posts about music – new and old. The real stuff that’s constantly defining and engaging me as a person – past, present and future.

Of course, I promise to make it all juicy and explosive!

Please be at your freest – give me a shout or write in your comments on the posts…

Cheers! Adil